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About HR Department[2011-03-29]


We have a fair and equitable mechanism of future staff selection, training and motivation. We dedicated to provide support and service throughout the whole career life of our staff, encourage our staff keeping their best performance in our corporation. We have made great contribution in building a great strengthened cohesive work force group, and play an essential role to guarantee our human resources to help corporation grandness and sustainable development..

Our Responsibilities
Our responbilities are to develop an effective corporate structure and position setting of jobs based on the strategic requirement and business plan. Make research, analysis, evaluation and report of our current human resource statues and future demands. Take responsibilities in the activities of staff recruitment, selection, training, motivation, support and labor relations management like welfare, insurance and so on.
The main tasks of HR department

1. Develop an effective human resources system which including Specific corporate policies and regulations.

2. Make Research, Analysis, Evaluation and monthly report of current human resource statues and future demands wihch according to business development strategy and business plan.

3. Setup a handbook which specifically formulate the corporate structure and position setting, stipulate the recruitment requirement and job responsibilities for each position of staff.

4. Take responsibilities in the activities of staff recruitment, selection, training, motivation, and evaluation, establish and manage employee's personal files.

5. Establish new staff training plan, develop staff training programs.
6. Keep responsibilities of the establishment and perfection of staff assessment regulation and the practice of daily assessment including the Attendance, Performance Appraisal, as well make Arrangement for staff positions and staff position transfer.

7. Development a perfect Compensation Benefit system, pay attention on personal career development of staff, take appropriate staff motivation and develop distinctive corporate culture .

8. Provide support and assistance on the staff health and safety.
9. Responsible for Human resources and staff relations management, including management of staff contracts, setting up confidentiality clause, employment termination management, leave management and staff disputes treatment.