Our business philosophy

In current society, the development of modern industry is the essential component of the economic development of a country, and a way to enhance the national competitiveness of a country.  Meanwhile, in the information era, information technology is widely used, the carrier of the modern high-tech are enterprises, enterprises are needed to constantly innovate in order to obtain more advanced production technology and achieve higher productivity. Therefore, innovation has become the judgment criterion of the overall strength and technological level of a manufacturer. Therefore, any country, nation, or even an enterprise, cannot survive and develop without technology development and innovation. So our corporate philosophy is defined as Innovation promotes Development.

Our business development strategy and corporate culture

Our business strategy is based on information system developmenttechnical capability building, branding and internationalization.  Our business culture is to promote the concept of “distinguished products, innovative technology".  We use our hard work and wisdom gained through experience, embrace  a team spirit of preciseness, efficiency and collaboration, make innovations and progress continuously, and endeavor to follow this way to become a World-class manufacturer.

Our responsibilities and obligations
As a professional manufacturer of hydraulic pumps, we are committed to providing our customers professional products and excellent services with leading technology, high quality and environment friendliness.  Also, for our staff, we create a favourable working environment with harmony, mutual respect, and cohesion. For our business partners, we provide fair and reasonable cooperation, and mutual win-win benefits.  For our investors, we provide low-risk, high-yield return of benefits.  For the community, we are enthusiastic in promoting public welfare, and take very seriously our responsibilities in the issues of environmental protection, human rights, and maintenance of morals and social order.  We consistently work hard and strive unremittingly to maintain our brand reputation, and constantly consolidate and strengthen the position of our domestic market, and expand our share in the international market, to build a stronger international competitiveness.
For the future, we will adhere the development concept of "sustainable development, independent innovation, own brand, internationalization " to create the world's leading hydraulic pump manufacturer.